Library Conduct Policy

Under the provisions of Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin State Statutes, specifically section 43.52 (1), Augusta Memorial Public Library Board of Trustees may enact regulations that serve to insure the safety of all library staff and patrons, protect the usefulness of the collection, and maintain order in the library.  It is expected that all patrons and staff will follow these guidelines to provide a safe and friendly environment for library use.  Any patron whose behavior is disorderly or disruptive may be subject to the library’s policy on Revoking Library Privileges.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Drinking of non-alcoholic beverages is permitted in the library. Consumption of food is prohibited in all public areas of the library unless approved by the library.
  2. Use of tobacco products is prohibited throughout the library building and on library property.
  3. Those who steal, damage or deface library materials or property may be prosecuted. Parents are liable for damage done by a child under the age of eighteen.
  4. Patrons are required to comply with the library’s policies and procedures on computer use and the Internet.
  5. Improper use of library restrooms, including, but not limited to, bathing, shaving, hair trimming and laundering is prohibited.
  6. Blocking the entryway, corridor, or aisle is prohibited. Disruptive groups congregating inside or outside the library will be required to disperse.
  7. Bicycles may not in any way interfere with entering or exiting the library, and they should be parked in the bicycle racks that are available outside the library.
  8. Items carried into the library, such as backpacks or other personal belongings, must be stored out of pathways. Athletic equipment such as skateboards, balls or in-line skates may be carried into the library; however, they may not be used in the library.
  9. Threatening, harassing or intimidating language or behavior will result in immediate expulsion from the library and possible legal action.
  • Parents and caregivers are responsible for the behavior, safety and supervision of their children at all times. Children under the age of eight must be in the company of a parent/caregiver while in the library or attending library programs.
  • Animals, other than service animals, are not permitted in the library, unless as part of a program authorized by the Library Director.
  • Patrons sleeping in the library may be awakened by library staff if there is concern for the patron’s health or well-being, or if the patron’s sleep is disturbing others.
  • Creating a disturbance by making noise, talking loudly, whistling, singing, using profanity, running or engaging in other disruptive conduct is prohibited. This includes stalking, prolonged staring at or following another with the intent to annoy, or intentionally behaving in a manner that could reasonably be expected to annoy or disturb other patrons or staff.
  • Using personal electronic equipment in a manner that could reasonably be expected to annoy or disturb other patrons or staff or interferes with library service is prohibited.
  • Appropriate attire is required. Shirts and shoes must be worn in the library. Offensive body odor due to poor personal hygiene or overpowering perfume or cologne that causes a nuisance or reasonably interferes with library use by other patrons or staff is prohibited.
  • Cell phones should be set to low volume or no-ring (vibrate) or turned off when entering the library. Patrons should limit themselves to short, quiet phone calls whenever possible. Extended conversations that might disturb other patrons should be moved outside.  Cell phone conversations are discouraged in public computer workstation areas.
  • Only persons on library business will be allowed to solicit for the sale of goods and services in the library. Salespersons may meet with authorized library personnel only. Exceptions may be made for library-sponsored activities and organizations affiliated with the library.
  • Surveying of groups or individuals may only be done in conjunction with output measures of other similar surveys designed to quantify library use or satisfaction with library services.
  • Canvassing—for example, soliciting signatures for a petition, nomination papers, and the like—is not allowed on library property.

Violation of Guidelines

Behavior which violates library policy, interferes with the use of the library by others or interferes with staff in the conduct of their duties is not permitted.  Patrons engaging in such behavior may be asked to stop the behavior and/or they may be asked to leave the building.  The police may be called and/or the patron’s library privileges may be revoked.  Unlawful activities will promptly be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Staff is authorized to require a person to leave the library for the day if in the judgment of the staff member the patron’s behavior is disorderly or disruptive.  If the behavior is repeated or severe, the director may limit a patron’s use of library services/materials or request that the Board revoke them altogether.  The patron shall have the right to a hearing before the Board at the meeting at which the Board is scheduled to take action on revocation of privileges.

Patrons shall cooperate with library staff who must interpret and apply rules and policies.  Upon request, patrons shall be required to provide their correct name or show their library card or other identification to library staff and leave the premises when so directed.

Revoking Library Privileges

In the case of repeated or severe conduct issues, the director will first review all staff concerns on the topic, as well as discuss the activities with the patron in question.  It is at the director’s discretion as to the limits placed on the patron’s library privileges.  At the director’s request, the Board may decide to permanently revoke a patron’s library privileges.  It is the patron’s right to a hearing before the Board during the meeting at which the Board is scheduled to take action on revocation of privileges.

The following schedule will be observed prior to the revocation of privileges.

  1. Staff brings concerns of patron behavior to director.
  2. Director reviews staff concerns and meets with patron in question, as well as any other possible persons who may act as witness to the incident.
  3. A written letter, stating possible revocation of privileges and including the date of the meeting at which the Board will take action, will be sent to patron with no less than 5 days’ notice prior to meeting. Patron will be prohibited from using the library between receiving written letter and decision of Board.
  4. Board will follow regular meeting law for deliberating/taking action.
  5. Determination of the Library Board shall be final.


Revised:  April 20, 2015


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