One book will be chosen for discussion on a monthly basis.  Discussion questions will go up for each new title on the first Thursday of every month.  While comments can be added throughout the month, the discussion will only be moderated live on the night the questions go live.  This chat is meant for those ages 12 and up who have read the titles and are interested in joining the discussion.  Please see the first post for the rules.

Even if we break by Marieke Nijkamp

I have a few questions I would like to start off with this month.  Discussion does not have to be limited to these, but I do think they are a good starting point.  What did you all think about the book? *Ever talks about his job in the group, “It’s (their) job to...

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Life as we knew it: Topic 1

Let's compare and contrast the book to (Covid) real life.  What are some of the things that happened in the book that reminded you of your life right now?  What are some of the things that you are super glad (or sad) are not happening IRL?

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